Aside from jewelry and beauty, food is also a big gifting category for Asians. If the Asian lady on your list loves to cook, she will appreciate a new cookbook that will inspire her. Or, if she’s always trying out a new recipe, you could give her a set iranian brides of high-quality kitchen tools like measuring cups and a hand whisk.

For the Chinese lady on your list, consider a classic tea set made of porcelain or clay. Pair it with a variety of premium Chinese teas and you’ve got her a thoughtful present that will enhance her tea time experience. If she’s interested in learning more about Chinese culture, a calligraphy set is another great choice. It’s a fun and unique way to explore the art form and can help her practice the traditional art of tea ceremony at home.

Depending on your Korean lady’s age and style, you can try a skincare set from popular brands like Innisfree or Laneige. If she is into fashion, try stylish Korean jewellery from Mejuri or local Seoul designers. You can even get her a weighted blanket, which helps with sleep by adding pressure to the body—an ideal gift for anyone who is looking for better quality sleep.

If you want to support AAPI small businesses, this holiday season is the perfect opportunity. We rounded up some of our favorite gifts from AAPI-owned businesses that are sure to impress the asian ladies on your list.

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